Engels & Marx


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A mini-opera about Engels & Marx, love & revolution and the meaning of friendship.


Engels & Marx


Engels & Marx
took a walk in the park,
and Engels was awfully silent.
Marx bit his lip -
was it something he did say? -
when Engels with tears in his eyes said:

Oh, my Mary has died!
She was the love of my live...
Oh, those wild Irish eyes
shone like stars in disguise!
My youth is spent like her smile...
And your letter, my friend –
no word of kindness to spare?


Marx averted his gaze,
red was his face,
when he mumbled
into his beard
somethng about lack of money
and how Ricardo and Smith
drove him to tears.

Engels said: „Oh, please, Marx -
Come on and show me some compassion and love!
Well, assuming you still know
what that is.
It can’t be our relationship is only
about economics, the fight against
the bourgeoisie, the trouble with the anarchists -
and ‚comrade’ should be more than just a word now,
won’t you agree?


So, tell me now:
What’s the meaning of friendship?
Do you know, Marx?
Do you know?
It’s more than just mere affection –
Don’t you know, Marx?
Don’t you know?
A friend is someone
you don’t ask for a favor,¬.
Someone who will grant it for free.
Someone who will lend you a hand when you’re feeling
empty and lonely and useless and hopeless and beat...



And Marx thought to himself:
„Don’t you know, old friend?
Don’t you know?
I love you more than just anything -
and more than gold, oh,
more than gold.
I would love you to dance on my grave,
when I’m dead,
when I’m dead.
And I would love to tell you
you’re the greatest friend
I ever had...“


But he just said:
„Look, Engels, I’m sorry for what I said.
I’m a cynic, I didn’t mean it –
don’t you know it?
Can you forgive me?“
And Engels said:
„That’s the easiest part –
ain’t forgiving mistakes
what friendship is
just all about?“


from EP #2, track released November 1, 2011
Daniel von Fromberg - Vox, Git, Harpsichord, Banjo, Beats
Jan Roloff - Bass, 2nd Vox
Peer Göbel - Strings
Rüdiger Koch - Trumpet, Horn, Trombone



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